A new home for the #LDNTheatreBloggers!

TheatrebloggersExciting news! After the founding of #LDNTheatreBloggers in June 2014, the combined forces of Rebecca Felgate, West End Wilma and Theatre South East have founded a new website, TheatreBloggers.co.uk!

As well as migrating from a hashtag to a fully-formed website, the new site means that theatre bloggers from all over the country, not just in London, are invited to join the fun. The #LDNTheatreBloggers hashtag still exists and is still a great way to find and share content; however, #UKTheatreBloggers will encompass regional writers too, expanding this thriving community of arts bloggers.

I first got involved with the #LDNTheatreBloggers in September, when I stumbled upon an article about their first gin-themed meet-up (how did I not know find out about that in time?!) and, most importantly, a whole group of people out there who were doing exactly the same thing as me – absorbing the wonders of London’s theatre scene and writing about it with enthusiasm and a critical eye on their own blogs. Since then I’ve attended socials and theatre trips, giving me opportunities to review more shows and get to know bloggers, both in person and over social media. It’s lovely bumping into a familiar face at a show, especially when you’re there by yourself. It’s also helped me to get more exposure for my blog and better relationships with PRs – something that’s in turn given me confidence in my writing and networking.

To find more about Theatre Bloggers, visit their website here or follow them on Twitter @TheatreBlogs. If you’re a blogger yourself, I’d whole-heartedly recommend getting involved. For anyone else, take a look and you’ll discover some fascinating, funny, thoughtful, brilliant writers.


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