Learning to love blogging again

I feel like my blogging’s been flagging a little recently. I’d been seeing so much theatre that it became tiring to analyse and write up every experience, as well as devoting time to other things in my life like (real) work, a new flat with friends, my family and making sure I get enough r + r! I’d also become a tad disheartened at seeing other bloggers who appear to have all the knowledge, the sparkle, the readers and the contacts – it’s occasionally been difficult to remember that it should be about community and conversation, and not competition!

Bearing that in mind, it’s been nice to hear that other bloggers out there experience some of the same thoughts that threaten to get us down: the sense that others are doing better, or are getting a bigger share of the followers. Since we’re all feeling similar, I’d hazard a guess that this ‘super blogger’ with all the talent and confidence is perhaps a fictional being. We all have doubts sometimes.

I’m also reminding myself that I started this blog for fun! Having left university in 2012, with the days of student journalism and essays behind me, I was searching for another outlet for my writing. While I soon found A Younger Theatre, which has become a great place to develop both my writing and editing, I’ve loved having my blog as a more personal and creative space for me to explore my thoughts about theatre. When I discovered the #LDNTheatreBloggers in autumn, it also opened up more opportunities and lovely chats with like-minded theatregoers and bloggers. Putting this all into words is a good way for me to remind myself how much I love it all and what fun and fascination can come from blogging.

It’s also great – and constantly surprising to my ego! – that bloggers who I respect and admire share the same feelings towards my own writing. Which is why, in the midst of feeling a bit doubtful about my blogging, it was beyond lovely to see a Twitter notification pop up on my phone telling me I’d got a mention in this post from Civilian Theatre. To read compliments about my writing, particularly in such great company, was the boost I needed to get blogging properly again. Big thank yous are due for this!

So please do keep reading my humble offerings – there’ll be much more content coming up soon!


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